Sonntag, 24. Juli 2016

XI th Congress of the WAP Barcelona, April 2nd - 6th, 2018

Berlin, July 24th. 2016


The Ordinary Psychoses And The Others

Under Transference

"The XIth Congress of the WAP summons us to bring the investigation of the field of the psychoses up to date. Its title, ‘The Ordinary Psychoses And The Others’, indicates that even though it is the former that are highlighted, it is the entire field of the psychoses that is in question. If Lacan’s late teaching does not annul what went before, after the Rio Congress, now is the time to return to the structural clinic in order to locate there the clinical references that can orient us.

Although the title has maximum scope, this is in order to maintain the Lacanian orientation in its rigour. The clinic that concerns us is not without ethics, it only arises under transference. Hence neither mental health, nor psychiatry, nor nosological debates, will distract us from this central point.

It is perhaps a subtle, barely ironic, manner of proposing under transference the entire teaching of Lacan, the latest and the other."

Barcelona, 14 th July, 2016 Anna Aromí, Xavier Esqué: Directors of the XIth Congress / Miquel Bassols: President of the WAP